No Wolfenstein in 2007

wofensteinIn an interview with Eurogamer, Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software, mentioned that progress on the new Wolfenstein game has been going well, but in spite of this, we won’t see the game out in 2007. In addition, Hollenshead confirmed that the game will be heading to PC, along with the primary development platform–the Xbox 360.

Will we be playing a new character? Nope, Hollenshead stated that our loveable gun-touting maniac B.J. Blazkowicz will return. "The new Wolfenstein is going to be a game that is different and unique in its own right, but still B.J. Blazkowicz in the Wolfenstein universe, with all the cool stuff and the unique stuff there. And hopefully we’ll have some more details about how that is all going to work before too long."

In a related story, Hollenshead spoke with GamesIndustry about what is id doing now. It’s known that they’ve been working on a completely new game brand and it’ll be using a new engine developed by id’s John Carmack. Hollenshead said, "It is a new id brand with an all-new John Carmack engine and I think that when we show it to people, once again they’ll see, just like they saw when we first showed Doom 3, that John Carmack still has a lot of magic left."

As for a nice send-off tease, Hollenshead said, "The new stuff that we’re working on does have a brand new engine that John has been working on, actually is still working on today. We can’t really talk any details about it; we’ll see about when the timing is right for an announcement. We like to be able to talk about stuff that we can show at the same time and it’s not really ready to show yet."


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