No Xbox 360 Shortages This Christmas

By Jen Thompson, GN Writer

Microsoft is confident that Xbox 360 is the only option for the next 12 months for gamers.  In a statement that almost seems to taunt arch rival Sony, Microsoft Europe boss Chris Lewis has confidently pledged that there will be "no shortages anywhere in the region over Christmas" for Xbox 360. 

In an interview with Eurogamer TV at last week’s Leipzig Games Convention, Lewis stated confidently that Microsoft will meet consumer demand.  He said, "I’m very confident that we have the production capacity to suit our ambitions."

Lewis noted that Microsoft had been pretty tight after the past holiday season but had tripled production, as well as transitioned to shipping via air, rather than by ship.

These statements comes on the heels of Sony’s Kaz Hirai’s admission that Sony had not yet begun manufacturing the PS3 and that it would be a logistic impossibility to meet demand this Christmas.
Considering that Microsoft has experience with a global next generation console launch, Lewis was asked if he had any advice for Sony.  He replied, "Well, I should say I wish them well. And I do; this is a tough business and I think they’re taking on a tough challenge there in terms of the launch ambitions they’re talking about, so we’ll see how that manifests itself over time."

"But right now we’re not deviating from the path we’re on and we certainly won’t be distracted."


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