Notes from an MMO Polygamist

It’s weird, really, the way us MMO players are. We think every game we come across is the one. We’re ready to throw down our existences at the drop of a hat. Lofty developer promises are like engagement rings that they nefariously slip onto our fingers. We’re all lonely and sad, like the girl dumped on prom night. We just want some game to come around and sweep us off our feet.

I have been through the desert and seen a vision, my friends, and a new day is here for MMO’s. Polygamy can do wonders for the soul of an MMORPG gamer.

Those long nights grinding in Azeroth can get you down — that one piece of gear that just won’t drop can hang like a dark cloud over the rest of the game. Hyboria really starts to grate on the nerves, with all the blood and dismemberment, and sometimes Vana’diel’s no picnic either. Sometimes, you just need a break.

The internet these days is like an MMORPG strip club — these games are coming in so fast sometimes you have to duck for cover. Moreover, there are tons of free ones out there! In the past week, both Ragnarok Online and Global Agenda have announced they’re going free-to-play, and if you haven’t played the standard F2P behemoths like Lord of the Rings Online and Runes of Magic, you’re missing out. It’s good stuff; don’t dismiss them just because they’re free.

It might feel a little weird at first, like you’re some perverted old dude hanging around McDonalds or something. I understand. But vacations from your “old lady” can really help to combat the burnout that binge playing a single game can give you. Our impulsive, addictive gaming personalities tell us that playing anything else but the game is a bad idea, a waste of time, but in truth (and in bluntness), that’s a really stupid idea. MMORPG monogamy is silly. We’re not married to these things. If you think taking time off from your one true love is going to impede your “progress” or not be “productive,” you need to chill out. It’s a game, not your job, and there are enough good MMOs on the market right now that not playing them is a travesty.

There’s a lot going on in the MMORPG world these days, and staying bunkered down in Tattooine or Freeport is only going to give you a limited view of the rapidly changing genre. Don’t be afraid to go out and explore a little a bit — you might just actually have fun while you’re doing it.


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