NPD Group reducing public data sales reports

npdgroupEarlier this week, Newsweek revealed the NPD Group would be reducing the amount of video game data and statistics they release to the public every month. So far, the response to the NPD Group’s decision has been mixed.

One side is praising the decision because to the untrained eye, the majority of data within these monthly reports are pretty confusing and frustrating. On the other hand though, statistics and gamer buffs (like myself) are a bit glum over the ordeal because we won’t be able to read all the figures.

1UP contacted NPD Group PR spokesman David Riley and he expressed his shock over the split crowd reaction.

"I had no idea this would be so ill-received. Honestly, I know this sounds ignorant but I really was taken aback when I started hearing/reading about this. It was unexpected."

Riley elaborated on the mechanics of the decision. For one thing, the decision wasn’t influenced by any of the console manufactures (Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft). If I were head of a failing console manufacturing, it’d be a bit disheartening to see my poor sales numbers revealed to the public every month.

"There was no push back [from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony]. However, it’s been a year, so we decided to pull this monthly feed and leave it up to the mftcr. as to whether or not they wanted that sales information released to media."


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