NVIDIA releases 8800GT 256MB details

Nvidia 8800GTFollowing on from the recent release of the much acclaimed 8800GT 512MB video card, NVIDIA has released new details regarding the 256MB variation.

The 8800GT 256MB boards will be priced in the $179-$199 USD range and should be arriving in PC stores in the next two weeks. There will be offerings available from Asus, BFG, EVGA, Leadtek, PNY, XFX and a number of other partners.

The specs for the card are as follows:

# of Stream Processors 112
Core Clock Speed 600MHz
Shader Clock Speed 1500MHz
Memory Clock Speed 700-900MHz (memory speed varies, check with board partners)
Memory 256MB GDDR3
Power Connector 6-pin
Length 9 inches
Board Power 105W
Cooling single-slot fansink
Outputs 2x dual-link DVI, HDTV-out


The FAQ also contained some information pertaining to DirectX 10.1 and its use in future titles on the PC:

"DirectX 10.1 is a minor extension of DirectX 10 that makes a few optional features in DirectX 10 mandatory. Most DirectX 10.1 features are already supported by the GeForce 8800 GT. We do not expect most developers to move to DirectX 10.1."

They backed up this claim with a quote from Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, creators of the blockbuster first person shooter Crysis:

"We pride ourselves on being the first to adopt any important new technology that can improve our games so you would expect us to get with DX10.1 right away but we’ve looked at it and there’s just nothing in it important enough to make it needed. So we have no plans to use it at all, not even in the future."

With the success of the 8800GT 512MB card, the 256MB variation is looking to be a superb choice for PC gamers on a tight budget.

[via FiringSquad]


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