NY Times: Kinect "deserves to be the technology hit of the year"

kinect holiday

Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, recently tweeted in favor of a New York Times article about motion control gaming this holiday. The piece largely speaks to the way that Sony and Microsoft are contending for the Wii market, but it came as no surprise to me that Greenberg would support this article when I read this phrase:

"Then you have what deserves, as far as I am concerned, to be the technology hit of the year: the Kinect from Microsoft."

Of course, the NY Times also points out the precision of the Move and the Blu-Ray and 3D capabilities of the PS3, but notes that the system and its motion control peripheral may have trouble selling big because of its price tag.

It also notes that the "Kinect is just in its infancy", shortly followed by some optimistic excitement for the potential the technology holds for the future. It’s not surprising, then, by the end of the article that the author, Seth Schiesel, arrives at the conclusion "the real threat to Nintendo and the Wii is not Sony, it is Microsoft and Kinect." He also claims that Xbox Live is "the class of the console gaming industry".

Ok, one guy at the NY Times thinks the Kinect craps on the Move, so what? Oh, wait, it’s the New York Times…

We’ll see which fist-waving game device conquers this season, but until then, it’s all speculation. Happy guessing!


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