Okami for Wii unsurprisingly getting better

The Wii continues to get its fair share of ports. The latest everyone is excited about is the phenomenal Okami which released on the PlayStation 2 last year. When announced it was quickly speculated how amazing the painting mechanic would work with the Wii remote. Thankfully, the developers of Okami felt the same way and a port of Okami is underway for the Wii. But can it get better? How does Okami running in 16:9 ratio sound? Check out the video below. While current Okami owners won’t be blamed for refusing to re-buy the game a second time, those who do drop the cash will obviously be justified in their repurchase.

[flash width="480" height="392"]http:/www.youtube.com/swf/l.swf?video_id=OmPswAVlq64&rel=1&eurl=&iurl=[/flash]


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