Okami HD Review

Chapter 1

Great Mother Okami Amaterasu… I am filled with unbridled joy at your safe return! I would have found you and done so just the same. How delightful to see that the savior whose brave sacrifice sealed away the evil demon so many years ago has not changed one bit. It looks great thanks to you. See, even the Guardian’s smiling!

Your timing is immaculate, wolf! I’ve never seen the sacred tree blossom before! I like his style!

Look at the swirly-whirly! Isn’t it beautiful? I feel better just looking at it. I’d assumed the mist would clear sooner or later. Anyway, if you cleared up the mist, then I offer my congratulations.

A century ago, Amaterasu lost the physical body that the god had been inhabiting during a bitter struggle to seal away Orochi. The heated battle against Orochi left her without many powers held in times past. She will journey to recover those powers to save the life of the land.

I have a feeling we’re in for an epic adventure! This should be fun, furball!

Chapter 2

That tree’s an offshoot of Sakuya. It protects nature in the area. Maybe the natural beauty here would return if we revived it…

What the!? Where’d they come from!? Ah, whatever. Draw first, ask questions later, right? You know that Divine Instrument you have on your back? Well, press the square button to use its power against them!

Celestial Brush…? What a mysterious and fearsome power you wield, Amaterasu! I wonder if it’s controlled by some electrical mechanism or something. Of course, any respectable artist can’t resist a blank canvas.

Trees bursting out in leaves and flowers… you know… Bloom, Water Lily, and Vine, which only count as one. And finally… there’s Cherry Bomb, Waterspout, Crescent, Galestorm, and Inferno. The remaining four brush techniques are the hardest to find. No, not really…

Wow, never expected to find a brush god here! We got a powerful ally just when we needed it! Summon the artistic fire from deep within, and paint it on my board! I’m actually an artist communing with nature on a deep level, man.

Wow! That nasty cursed zone is completely gone! The plants and animals are back! And just feel that fresh breeze! Now that’s what I call Great Divine Intervention! If you keep on dispelling the evil curse like this, I bet the gods of nature will lend you their powers!

It looks like the world outside is in great chaos. I can’t tell you any more for now. You’ll have to seek out clues yourself.

We gotta hurry over to Ankoku Temple and save that busty babe!

Chapter 3

I bet this untended grave is where the real busty babe’s soul lies. May she and her two bouncy friends rest in peace.

Chapter 4

Aha! A beautiful sake brewer… an arrow with white plumage… after a 100 year sleep, the legendary beast returns.

This village has a sake brewing girl, doesn’t it? Ah… good ol’ sake! A man without drink is like a warrior without his trusty sword! We’ll have 8 Purification Sake for the festival, after all! Oh… I can almost taste it!

Susano is here to s-save the d-d-day! Did you bring me some of Kushi’s sake?

Whoa… Looks like he ain’t waking up anytime soon. He’s out cold.

Strange things have been happening ever since then… first that boulder in Kamiki, then that battle with The Bear… and now this… my sword is possessed by a strange power.

The flavor’s really coming along. Almost there, I think. After all, the best thing about the great god Amaterasu is that happy-go-lucky spirit!

I did see Susano whizzing past here a little while ago… But surely it wasn’t him who cleaned up the river, was it? Nah, that wouldn’t make any sense. I bet he’s trapped back at those ruins! He must be crying, all scared and alone…

Aw, man… This is gettin’ heavy. This ain’t a game, ya know.

Give the fairytales a rest, will ya kid? They’re so gloomy. Think more positive. Have fun, fun! If you like painting so much, go for it!

Chapter 5

Do you know what “acquired beauty” is, friend? Like, the more you use something, the more beautiful it becomes. We haven’t seen everything there is to see. It is alright. I’ll need more than a pole to catch fish.

Mankind sure is incredible, huh? They made this thing with the sole purpose of making soothing sounds. I mean, just look at it. I know it takes loads of skill to convey meaning through art… but this pictograph takes that to a completely new level!

That’s why the village pays homage to the gods and the sacred tree. People no longer have faith in the gods like they used to. I mean, we shouldn’t pray only when we want something. We should consider how the gods must feel once in a while.

You brought joy into our lives. I couldn’t tell you the truth. I’m just happy my old lady didn’t catch me drinking.


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