Open Road: The Best Gaming Tunes To Drive To


The open road. A destination hours away. What better chance to kick back and enjoy the ride with some tunes? Everyone has their favorite driving soundtrack, but did you know that there are many examples of great driving songs in this wonderful industry? In case you weren’t aware, or if you were building an album comprised entirely of gaming songs for your next big road trip, look no further than these great tracks right here.

F-Zero X – Mute City (Guitar Arrange Mix)

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I use this track a lot, I know…but dammit, it’s too awesome not to use. Many a trip to the shore has been highlighted by this particular mix of "Mute City," making me feel all-powerful behind the wheel. The crazy guitar solos, heavy drums, and all-around rocking feel make it perfect for the open road. Of course, this song may make some of you want to drive just as fast at the racers of F-Zero, but I don’t think I have to tell you not to. Please enjoy responsibly.

DJ Hero – Benny Benassi "Satisfaction" vs Tiesto "Elements of Life"

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This is the perfect song when driving under the lights of a bright city, each bulb shining on your window like a disco ball. It creates a little club inside your car, letting you dance while you drive. This especially works if it’s a city you’ve never driven to before, as the intro adds a bit of wonder and mystique to wherever you are. DJ Hero is full of great songs for driving, but this one tops them all.

Halo 2 – In Amber Clad

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You wouldn’t think I’d find a song from a first-person shooter, but Halo 2 is home to one of my favorite tunes for night driving. "In Amber Clad" creates the perfect environment for driving in the moonlight: ambient voices to keep the driver calm, but enough drum and guitar to keep them focused on their trip. While drivers like to have their favorite songs playing, sometimes just a background soundtrack will do, and "In Amber Clad" is up to the task.

Uncharted 2Nate’s Theme 2.0

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This is the song for a man on a mission. If you get in that car with the intent of fulfilling some type of mission, then this should be the first thing you listen to. It’ll pump you up, giving you the confidence you need to succeed. Any job applicants would be smart to make this their track of choice on the way to the interview. You’ll feel like Nathan Drake in no time.

Metal Gear Solid 3 – Sea Breeze (Sergei Mantis)

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Anyone who lives on the coasts, whether you’re in Seaside Heights or Redondo Beach, you need to add this to your songlist. It’s perfect for those seaside drives, as the song just oozes warm sand, hot sun, and a cool "Sea Breeze." Every time I hear it, I immediately see myself on the coastline, enjoying a cold one and reveling in the day in front of me. Or course, opening my eyes and coming back to reality sucks, but that moment of fantasy is always excellent, and I’ve "Sea Breeze" to thank.

Final Fantasy VIII – Under Her Control

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This…this is a song for going out and painting the town red. This is getting into your best threads, heading down to the bar scene, and living it up like nobody’s business. I hear this song and all I can think to myself is someone driving through that bar scene, their car being lit with all of the neon signs, and enjoying every minute of it. This song will also work for walking with your buddies to said bars with a sick strut going. Just don’t drink too much.


These are merely a few suggestions, but all in all any type of trip can be made more enjoyable by popping these tunes through the sound system. Have any more suggestions? Let’s hear them in the comments. There’s music to be had, so remember…

Keep listening. You’ll never know what you’ll miss if you don’t.



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