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Strong Sales of Nintendo Handhelds Reported During Holiday Season

By GamerNode Staff, January 4, 2006 0 GN

More good news for Nintendo as holiday retail reports for December show strong sales of Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance products. Nintendo is going against the wave of some game industry downturns regarding video game business. Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo… Read More »

U.S. Divisions of Namco and Bandai Merge

By GamerNode Staff, January 4, 2006 0 GN

Namco Hometek and Bandai Games of the United States have made the merger of their divisions™ official. The new entity will be named Namco Bandai Games America. The parent company, Namco Bandai Holding, Inc. in Japan, was a merger of… Read More »

Developer of Twilight Wars Shuts Down

By GamerNode Staff, January 4, 2006 0 GN

Smiling Gator Productions, the developers of a massively multiplayer online/ first person shooter hybrid game, has called it quits. Its game, Twilight War: After the Fall, will be shut down. The PC title Twilight War, brought Smiling Gator Productions some… Read More »

Epic Games VP Speaks on Unreal Tournament Launch for PS3

By GamerNode Staff, January 4, 2006 0 GN

The speculation over ,“Unreal Tournament 2007,” as a launch title for the PS3 took another turn today as Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, put in his comments about the rumors. In the January 2006 edition of PSM (Playstation… Read More »

Blizzard Releases New Patch for World of Warcraft

By GamerNode Staff, January 4, 2006 0 GN

The New Year starts off with some good news for World of Warcraft gamers as Blizzard has released the latest patch for its successful MMORPG. The new patch, designated 1.9.0, offers two new dungeons and changes to the Raid Calendar… Read More »

Sony BMG Settles New York DRM Lawsuit

By GamerNode Staff, January 4, 2006 0 GN

Sony BMG wishes it had never heard the word rootkit as they have agreed to a proposed settlement, in a lawsuit filed against them, in New York according to a news report by PC Pro. The root of the problem,… Read More »

Unreal Tournament 2007 for PS3?

By GamerNode Staff, January 3, 2006 0 GN

Last year during a conference held before E3, Epic cofounder Tim Sweeny announced that they had received a PS3 software development kit. Also during his speech, he showed off a little tech demo of a first person shooter using the… Read More »

Nintendo Reps Report Huge Sales for the DS in ''05

By GamerNode Staff, January 1, 2006 0 GN

Nintendo has reported that their handheld DS console has recorded over 5 million units of sales in Japan so far since the system has been released. Not only that, but the DS has beaten all other gaming hardware in Japan… Read More »

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Review

By GamerNode Staff, January 1, 2006 0 GN, VG Review

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One is the second game in the COD series for the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube. Let me start out by saying that COD: Big Red One never really surprises you at first, but as… Read More »

City of Villains Review

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN, VG Review

You awaken in your cell to the sounds of wailing sirens. Then you realize that the jail has been overrun by your fellow prisoners and you are fleeing for your life from the guards, being helped away by other prisoners… Read More »