Patapon 2 revealed in latest Famitsu

Scans from the latest issue of Famitsu confirm that Sony is planning to release a sequel to the fantastic Patapon. However, the game is right now only confirmed for Japan, and Sony has not yet commented on whether or not the game will see release in North America, or any other territory for that matter.

The scans, as you can see for yourself below, seem to show off plenty of the same beautiful art style that the original introduced earlier this year, and furthermore I can’t imagine the game play could have been changed too radically. So if you liked the original, then there’s most likely a lot to be excited about.

There do appear to be some new inclusions, though. For those of you who don’t Nihongo o hanashimasu (speak Japanese) the Japanese word for flying is bolded on the right hand side of the second screen, with an arrow pointing to a Patapon riding on a bird of some kind. Which, of course, we can only take to mean that Patapon 2 will include flying units. (Doesn’t my logic astound you?)

It seems that Patapon 2 will also include a 4-player cooperative mode. Now I’m just as stumped as you as to how that is going to work, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see for that to be revealed.

However, I’m not entirely convinced yet that the game will be released outside of Japan. The PSP has been selling very well since the release of Monster Hunter 2, and a cheap fun game like Patapon surely got a boost in sales from that. Americans, however, disdain things that are as cute as Patapon, and prefer not to spend our money on anything that doesn’t shower us in blood or hurt kittens…or shower us in the blood of hurt kittens.






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