PC Call of Duty 4 demo on October 11th!

cod4Being a PC gamer, I was pretty envious when Xbox 360 owners got the jump in the exclusive beta for Call of Duty 4 a few weeks back. But never fear because today, Infinity Ward announced that PC owners will get an exclusive Call of Duty 4 single-player demo on October 11th at 9AM PST.

The rest of the blog dissects the various improvements in the game; for example the game’s enhanced AI and dynamic battlefields. Cover is also a necessity since Infinity Ward has certainly tweaked that aspect this time around. Also AI path finding has been changed, therefore squad mates will be following you much closely and also using all advantages in the battlefield.

The demo’s details are as followed:

"Set in a bombed-out Middle-Eastern city, the ‘Bog Rescue’ drops you into a nighttime conflict-in-progress. Your primary task is to locate and secure a friendly Abrams M1A2 tank, although first you have to get to the damned thing by navigating through an absolutely chaotic firefight."

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the demo as much as I will. Man, The Orange Box on the 10th and now this demo the next day, awesome!


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