PC Games Fit on the Shelf

PC games are getting into the mainstream with DVD box-style packaging.

You may have noticed while roaming around your local video game store that almost every single console game comes in the same type of package. The sturdy plastic holder that most DVD movies come in, too. But what about our PC brethren? While they have made the evolution from grossly over-sized (and wasteful) cardboard packages that only contained a CD and a small booklet, now they finally scaled them down to reasonable sized boxes.

IEMA, the Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association, has recently put out a press release detailing their plan for the future of PC game boxes. They want to solidify the PC logo and get it out there as more of a brand name. And they want to start packaging PC games in the same DVD cases that everything else is in.

Windows Vista is just around the corner (which corner I don’t know… a corner in 2007?) and it promises to update the gaming experience for PC users, via the ability to insert a disc and just ‘play’ like a console. Couple this with the huge performance boost due from DirectX 10, and a surge in wireless PC controllers (even some from Xbox/Microsoft itself), and PC groups may be trying to boost the flagging sales of computer games and make them, yet again, a force to be reckoned with.

There’s something to be said for fitting in.


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