Peter Moore explains EA's sports GameShow

Peter MooreWhen you think EA Sports, what are the first titles that pop into your head? Madden? NBA Live? FIFA? What about GameShow? Does that even sound appealing?

Peter Moore is talking about it like it’s the next big thing, but when you break it down, it seems like it’s a thing of the past. Whereas games like Madden have been evolving into increasingly more complex experiences, GameShow looks like its simplifying into nothing more than 15 minutes of live trivia.

GameTap also thought this was a little odd, and decided to hunt down Peter Moore to investigate. And after breaking it down, GameShow is starting to show some depth and potential.

Peter Moore explains that its simplicity will help with what he calls "approachability", explaining how most "consumers don’t even come up to the house. They say ‘Videogames, too hard, too complex’… If I can bring people through GameShow, [we can] upsell them through a different experience by a Madden or NBA or NHL."

That explains the simplicity, but what about the appeal? Moore’s belief is that GameShow will provide interactivity with the trivia, but also provide the knowledge of current sports. Sort of like Sports Center, meets talk radio, meets Jeopardy.

The backbone of Moore’s GameShow project is creating a community for users, comparing GameShow to Facebook stating, "Sports and GameShow are no different… I think you’ve got to build community around it. If it becomes simply about going on for five minutes, answering seven or eight questions… and then logging out, it’s not going to work."

I enjoy the small convenience of just having clips of up-to-date ESPN Radio in the background of Madden. GameShow sounds like it will take sports news-trivia to a new level. If all goes well, it should provide for a great interactive experience for sports fans and Peter Moore can be considered a visionary… either that or Peter Moore is crazy.


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