PGR4 slam cleared up by Ninja Theory

Project Gotham Racing 4Ninja Theory has cleared up the misunderstanding with Bizarre Creations over a forum post by someone who was thought to be a Ninja Theory employee, as he took cracks at the new footage from PGR4 claiming it was not in-game.

As any company in this position would do, Ninja Theory quickly fixed the mess claiming the person who made the statements did not work for Ninja Theory.

"The person who made this comment does not currently work for Ninja Theory and did not work for Ninja Theory when he made these statements."

Interestingly, Ninja Theory did not deny this person’s employment in the past. The best guess is this was some ex-employee of Ninja Theory no longer working for the company because Heavenly Sword is done, who was feeling some resentment because of the medicore reviews coming in for the game (which aren’t all that bad). What better way to vent than to stir up drama between developers?

One has to wonder why developers are beginning to take cracks at each other more and more on a daily basis. If it isn’t Silicon Knights suing Epic Games, it’s potential ex-Ninja Theory employees calling out in-game footage. This could be a product of the industry’s growth, but let’s hope we mature past the petty Hollywood antics and show the world we are the one entertainment industry mature enough to respect our peers.

[Via Jolt]


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