Phoenix Wright hits the books

Now lets all just hold the damn phones here.  Wired is reporting (and Amazon confirming) that everyone’s favorite lawyer has a Manga coming out?  Really? Of all the characters in the Capcom universe, Phoenix Wright was chosen to have his own book?  Those who actually played the Ace Attorney games know that the gameplay is pretty much like reading a book.  They could probably port the games onto the Kindle if they wanted to.

Anyway, someone over at Capcom has come up with a way for you to have Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth with you at all times–portably, without any kind of electronic device! It’s greener because you don’t have to use electricity… yet not because it’s printed on paper.

Regardless of its effects on the environment, you’re getting more Phoenix Wright then you could possibly have dreamed of. Wired tells us that there are twenty cases in the first book, which focuses on the trials and, um, tribulations of Phoenix Wright.  The second book is all about Miles Edgweorth, the perfect prosecutor.  They’re due out September 20th and February 24th respectively.  I’m going to preorder mine on Amazon, because if you get both together they’re only 10 bucks each.

[via Wired]


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