Playstation 3 Controller Named

A small fact has slipped through the fingers of many gamers and members of the media: thanks to the lack of any rumble support in the Playstation 3 controller, the name "DualShock" wouldn’t be particularly appropriate for the upcoming console’s controller. Today it was confirmed that the final name for Sony’s wireless PS3 controller, at least in Japan, is "SIXAXIS" (their caps, not ours).

The SIXAXIS will support Bluetooth, and be USB-ready. It will come packaged in with the Playstation 3 system or be available on November 11 for 5,000 yen in Japan, which converts to about US $43. The controller can operate as either a wireless or wired (via USB) controller, and will have a battery life of roughly 30 hours when fully charged, says SCEI.

In addition, on November 11 you’ll be able to pick up a USB memory card adapter for about $13 USD and later this year on December 7 the Blu-Ray remote controller for around $31.

If the name SIXAXIS is getting on your nerves already, keep in mind that Sony also prefers we refer to the PS3 as the "PLAYSTATION 3", so don’t think we slipped up if we accidentally forget to hit our Caps Lock button when mentioning the new controller.


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