PlayStation 3 could go 3D

3DPS3While still in the works with the major movie studios, TDVision Systems is hoping that their 3D viewing technology will be adopted by the PlayStation 3, offering the first 3D movie experience for home entertainment.

Why the PlayStation 3 is able to take advantage of this technology is because it is imbued with the BD2.0 firmware upgrade for Blu-Ray. It isn’t a stretch then to think other Blu-ray players with the BD2.0 could also run these 3D movies.

What sets TDVision apart from other companies that are trying to create a 3D movie experience is that its tech allows both a 2D and 3D version of the movie to be put onto one disk. Other 3D tech out there is not compatible with the 2D format so those companies would have to release seperate 2D and 3D versions of a movie.

Beyond movies though, imagine if gaming companies would take advantage of this 3D technology. Chimera could actually jump out of the screen, Warhawks could whizz by in startling 3D, and just imagine how freaked out you would get if those zombies in RE5 actually felt like they were reaching for you. Let’s hope this technology gets adopted because the gaming possibilities it could open are very exciting.

[Via Play3-Live]


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