PlayStation 3 to offer 3D gaming?

PlayStation 3If there is one pinnacle that gaming has not yet reached, it is fully immersing the player into the experience they are playing. Yes BioShock is amazing, and Half-Life 2 truly made a gamer feel like he or she was Gordon Freeman, but just imagine those game experiences if they were in full 3D.

Instead of a Big Daddy just trudging by, he would actually seem like he was next to the gamer; same with those annoying head-crab zombies from Half-Life 2.

While nothing has been officially confirmed from the Sony camp, rumors are popping up that a 3D-enabled PlayStation 3 may be a possibility by 2008.

This rumor comes from GameSpot who states that at a 3D video demonstration held by Mitsubishi, a comment was made stating that Blu-Ray players could take advantage of the tech Mitsubishi was showing off.

More off-hand, those giving the presentation also made it seem like a gaming console could also do the same thing. Since Sony is the only company with a Blu-Ray gaming system, it is logical to infer that Sony would be the company spear heading this new development.

It could be in Sony’s best interests to try bringing this type of experience to their games. There is no feature of the PlayStation 3 that makes it stand out amongst the Xbox 360 and Wii.

The Xbox 360 has the better online service, and the Wii has true motion control. If Sony could bring a true 3D experience to the PlayStation 3 they would finally have something no one else does, making them more appealing to both the hardcore and even, if the right games are made, casual gamer.

Realize though that this is just a rumor, and Sony is still refusing to comment. Still, a 3D FPS would be a blast to play.


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