Poll on parents playing video games with their kids

familyNo, this doesn’t mean that they just avoid them on Xbox Live like me (proud parent of a 4 month old puppy). AOL games took a poll and discovered that 43% of adults with gamer children don’t even think to join in with their offspring.

And although Yahoo News found this angle shocking, I actually think it’s more amazing that 57% of the parents do join in with their kids.

Back in my hay day as a child, I can’t remember one kid who played games with their parents. Not one. Even when I hit high school and my dad discovered Age of Empires, we seldom ever played against (or with) each other. 57% is the majority–that’s amazing to me.

Then again, you have to realize that the original video game generation has grown and is starting to have kids. Old habits die hard right? The poll confirms this, as those who gamed with their children were also "younger, single and part-time workers." Don’t mistake that for being all of the above, they were one or the other.

For 33 year old Marvin Paup of Golden Valley, Arizona, he’s seen it as a bonding opportunity, spending over 30 hours a week with his son. They play Halo 3 on a 65-inch TV with surround sound. Lucky kid.

"That game has bonded me with him, it’s like a whole new reality with me and him."

Video games. Solving the world’s problems one family at a time.


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