Prepare your chainsaws; Uwe Boll readies (another) Zombie Massacre

uwebollUwe Boll is still on a roll, and he’s been picking up movie rights to video games left and right lately. This past week, he nabbed his latest acquisition: the movie rights to a Wii game called Zombie Massacre. Boll is predicting a 2009 release date for the movie and is pooling together a budget of $6 million.

Boll’s directorial debut was in 2003 with House of the Dead, and it looks like Boll is aiming to keep Zombie Massacre a different entity. While House of the Dead had a "campy" feel, Boll wants to make Zombie Massacre a "harsh zombie movie like 28 Days Later."

Benjamin Krotin, producer of the game, said, "We have always wanted to turn our game concepts into movies, but we just didn’t know when or where such an opportunity might arise. We started talking about attempting to pursue it further, and Uwe Boll was the first and only name to come up because of his extensive experience in working with video game properties."

Zombie Massacre, developed by 1988 Games, is a driving/shooting game for up to four players. The goal is to drive a nuclear warhead deep into the heart of a zombie-infested city. Once armed, the players must escape before detonation. I’m assuming much zombie carnage ensues.

So does the world need another zombie movie from Boll? No matter how much we plea no, it’s coming sooner or later. Prepare yourself.

[Via GameDaily BIZ]


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