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Pro Tip

This edition of Pro Tip is a 4-in-1 Demon’s Souls bonanza. With the release of this stellar, yet fiercely challenging action RPG from Atlus and From Software, there’s no doubt that many gamers will be seeking shelter from the proverbial storm… of DEATH. So, Pro Tip is here to help.

Just like you, I died a lot while playing through Demon’s Souls, and I’m sure I will continue to do so on subsequent play-throughs, but here are a few nuggets of advice that will at least prolong your life (and afterlife, as it may be) in Demon’s Souls.

Pro Tip: Take it SLOOOOW.

This is the simplest tip I could muster for this game, and is possibly the most valuable. Enemies like to hide around corners and ambush players. They’re not morally opposed to ganging up on lonely adventurers, either, so take it slowly. Rushing through rooms and corridors is a great way to land yourself right in the middle of a sticky situation, and thinking you can breeze through enemies will make you fight carelessly. Take your time with each enemy, and every level as a whole.

Pro Tip: Use the Cling Ring.

It’s one of the earliest pieces of equipment you’ll find, but it is invaluable to any Demon’s Souls character. The Cling Ring halves the amount of total HP lost as a penalty for fighting in soul form, and since most players will likely spend much of the game as an apparition, keeping 75% instead of 50% of their HP is probably a good idea. Don’t froget to equip this bad boy the second you become immaterial.

Pro Tip: Crossbows are worthless.

Use shortbows and longbows, NOT crossbows. With enemies that move quickly, or are too far away to hit with the game’s lock-on targeting, you will want to be able to take aim and fire manually. You can’t do that with crossbows, but normal bows offer a first-person view where you can draw, aim, and fire to your heart’s content. Don’t waste your time trying to shoot bolts. Robin Hood didn’t.

Pro Tip: Use major demons’ souls wisely.

These little gems are your rewards for defeating the most fearsome foes in the game, and they are also the most useful of any of the souls you’ll come across. They can be consumed for massive increases in soul power, but it is their role in crafting spells, miracles, and weapons that makes them special. Don’t squander them on soul increases until you know what they can do to improve your arsenal. Ed the blacksmith, Freke, and Yuria are your tickets to special power — make use of their services.

That’s all for now. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out GamerNode’s Demon’s Souls review, and definitely try out this awesome game.

[Eddie Inzauto]


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