Pro Tip: Super Smash Bros.

Welcome to the evening edition of Pro Tip, a weekly column where I pull a game off my shelf and try to pass along a quick and helpfull tip. This week I’m mixing it up a little. Instead of focusing on one game, I am taking things broad brush. I’m looking at Super Smash Bros. as a franchise

The concept behind Super Smash Bros., or SSB as we call it in my house, is to take all of the gaming legends and pit them against one another in an all out winner-take-all… er… brawl. Luckily, when it comes to gaming legends, Nintendo has the market cornered.

The game itself probably comes from two guys geeking out about who would win in a fight, Mario or Link. From there they decided to create a game that, as the Nintendo manifest dictates, has come out on every console since it’s inception

I don’t know why I’m explaining this game. If you’re reading this site you already know all about it, so on with the tip.

Pro Tip: If you value your sanity, don’t let your friends play as Pikachu.

It’s a pretty strait forward tip. Don’t. Let. Them!

I don’t know how the little yellow rat played in the first Smash Bros. game, as I did not have a N64, but I can tell you that in the newest title, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he’s a little cheap. The lightning that is harnessed from the sky is infuriating. And certain people named Bryan use it to get under your skin. It is everywhere all the time.

And don’t think that being on the ground will keep you safe. He can toss lightning better than Zeus ever could. It skips along the ground until it hits you and he can keep cranking out lightning for eternity. He’s like the energizer bunny in that respect.

On top of that he’s the only character playing mind games with you the whole time. Every time he attacks he repeats his name. PI-KA-CHU! Over and over and over. Until you want to kill yourself. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

In short, I recommend two things. 1) Don’t be a jerk by playing as Pikachu. 2) If your friend plays as Pikachu don’t ever invite him over again.

Oh, and that whole Mario vs Link thing, I think we all know Link would win hands down.

[Creighton DeSimone]


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