Pro Tip: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Welcome to another evening edition of Pro Tip. I am an extremely recent PS3 owner (got one yesterday). I picked up one of the two games exclusive to the platform that I am interested in along with it. Thus far I’m only a few hours into Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, but I feel compelled to talk about it.

For those not familiar with the story, we follow Nathan Drake on a whirlwind adventure on the hunt for Sir Francis Drake’s 400-year-old treasure. It’s very Indiana Jones but with more shooting and less whip. Actually a whip would be really cool in this game.

Thus far I’ve done a lot exploring of ancient Mayan (maybe?) temples and had to solve very few puzzles to make my way through. As a seasoned Zelda player I was hoping for some really cool in-depth puzzles as I explored a temple near the start of the game, but instead I have been left waiting.

How do I word this with out giving away too much of the story? In the beginning you’re traveling with someone who can’t do all the daring stunts like hang on ledges. So you have to go ahead and open up all the doors so they can follow. I was excited to solve the puzzles that opened the doors… except… there weren’t any. Ok, that’s harsh. There was one. And any Zelda novice could have figured it out.

Pro Tip: When trying to open giant doors look for powder kegs.

I entered every room looking for the puzzle to open the door. And every time, except once, all I had to do was shoot a group of powder kegs. The resulting explosion would either open the door or move some rubble clearing a path for my partner. Because of this I was extremely let down.

Everything else about the game is really solid. The story is intriguing, I like the main character, the cover system and shooting mechanic is great. I was just hoping to get my puzzle on instead of shooting at some barrels.

[Creighton DeSimone]


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