PS2 RE triple game bundle coming. PS2 is alive!

REartPS2, rise from your…er…grave?

According to an EBGames posting, the Resident Evil Bundle Pack will be coming out for the PS2 on September 4, 2007. The pack includes Resident Evil 4, Code Veronica and Outbreak.

Coincidentally, the next film in the Resident Evil massacre trilogy, Resident Evil: Extinction, has release date of September 7, 2007.

Details are slim on this one. Will it feature all the titles and their original boxes? Will it come in a gee-whiz neato case? Will they be on chocolate discs that melt in your PS2 and not in your hands? Will cats and dogs ever live together? Who knows?

Most of the knee-jerk reactions to this one are negative, and mine was no different. Then I thought about it for awhile. The PS2 has an installed user base of 115 million. This package features 3 games; 1 amazing, 1 great, 1 alright, from an IP that also has a movie coming out that week.

Considering the cost-to-benefit ratio here for Capcom and the fact that these games are, on average, pretty good, I’m okay with it. And for those people out there that haven’t played any of them, to them I say "shame on you!"


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