PS3 Breaks Sales Records in UK

According to game industry magazine MCV, the PS3 broke UK records for the most units sold for a game console upon launch. ChartTrack estimated that 165,000 PS3s were sold over the launch weekend. The number of total available units for sale was 220,000 units, which means that no one was turned away in disappointment for their chance to get a PlayStation 3.

In comparison, 105,000 units were sold during the Wii’s launch and 70,000 units during the Xbox 360’s debut. However, the Wii and the Xbox 360 sold out their entire available inventory due to limited supplies, while the PS3 had more then enough stock. Debates will no doubt ensue as to what would have happened if Microsoft and Nintendo had met demand during their respective launches.

It may have been a record for Sony, but a somewhat tarnished one as reports from all over Europe indicated that there was a decided lack of foot traffic for Sony’s machine on launch day.

HMV, one of the UK’s largest media retailers, took on a reserved optimism and told AP News, "Dedicated gamers rushed out to buy it but other people are more comfortable waiting a few days and weeks before buying one. Sales have been holding up very well. The launch has been pretty much in line with expectation given it was a post Christmas launch and the price was a little high compared to other consoles. We need to see this over the long term and judge sales over the coming weeks."


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