PS3 Fever Hits the Nation

PS3 frenzy is taking hold of the nation as gamers, parents, and even grandparents camp out in front of various Sony outlets in the hopes of getting a PS3 on launch day-for many, that’s tonight at 12:01AM.

Lines started as early as Wednesday in many of the major metropolitan cities such as New York, Los Angeles and the City by the Bay, San Francisco. The Metreon, a huge shopping and media mall, where the Sony flagship stores in San Francisco are located, drew campers with tents, sleeping bags, and a good deal of blankets to thwart the cold, damp weather.

As the lines grew longer at the Metreon, Sony staff members from the PlayStation stores warned the hopeful that the lines could be dispersed at any moment, but also added that as long as the people were well behaved and quiet, they would be allowed to brave the elements and stay outside.

The biggest challenge for PS3 shoppers was how to pass the time away and deal with boredom. Some of the individuals brought cards, books and yes, handheld video game machines to burn away the hours of waiting.

Many retail stores, such as GameStop and EB have reported that the average allocation for each of their locations is less than 8 per store, but according the PlayStation stores at the Metreon, the first 750 customers standing in line are guaranteed a PS3, an extraordinarily large stock. Reports indicate that there are already over 1,000 people lined up for a chance to purchase Sony,s new console.


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