PSP 3.0 Firmware Feature Leak?

The internet is abound with rumors and supposed pics from the 3.0 firmware upgrade for the PSP. While none of this is set in stone as of yet, the results look promising and is propelling the PSP toward PDA status with such features as Sony Mail, Sony Paint, and Sony Organizer. The list goes on with PS3 connectivity, Music Store Connectivity, Console Security, Writepad and Alarm Clock. This of course is an update from the recent 2.0 software that added web browsing and a few other minor features to the mix. If this update does indeed go through it will be the most ambitious upgrade for the PSP yet. However some of these applications while suitable for a PDA don’t seem apt for the PSP’s lack of touch screen. How well can you draw with directional controls or the thumb stick analog controller? The leaked images seem to imply PVR style video playback and recording when used in conjunction with the PS3. According to other rumors online and this newfound evidence, we’re hoping that we can schedule our shows, record TV, watch it on the go with the PSP, and back on the PS3 all delivered via Wi-Fi, which may also require an upgrade to the aged 802.11b interface. Sony is betting the farm on the success of the PSP, the PS3 and their integrated features, so even if the current bout of rumors turn out to be bust, You can bet that Sony has some intriguing features up it’s sleeves to keep you coming back and staring at that beautiful PSP Screen.


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