PSP has a 10 year plan. Sony will keep modding it

pspSony’s PSP, whether it be the original "phat" version or the newer slim version; the machines have been flying off the shelves in the past 6 months in the three major regions (Japan, NA, Europe).

With such popular games like FFVII: Crisis Core, God of War: Chains of Olympus and Monster Hunter G, the PSP is appealing to more and more players across the world.

With the celebration of the three year aniversary of the PSP, IGN recently interviewed Senior Marketing Manager of the PSP, John Koller, and asked him about how long he believed the life cycle of the PSP might be.

Koller replied saying, “We’ve talked about the PSP being a 10 year product, but a 10 year product in the continued… how can I put this… in the continued lifecycle, so we obviously had the 1000, we have the 2000, so the PSP as it was first launched in March 2005 isn’t going to the be the PSP that it ends up as in 10 years, but it will still be a very strong portable gaming device that is centered in gaming and has a lot of multi-functional features.”

So Sony is planning on keeping the same basic structure of the PSP but adding more features as the years pass by. We have already seen some examples of this with the Skype feature, GPS feature and slimming down the PSP overall.

Does this mean that we might be seeing a touchscreen PSP during these next seven years or is that too big of a leap away from what the orignial idea was? Either way, with such great games as mentioned before along with Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Patapon etc., the PSP is becoming a better handheld with every passing year. Oh, and not to forget to mention its modding capabilities as well.


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