Psychonauts creator revealing new project?


Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me, but I was just hoping that if I strained my body hard enough, perhaps I could will this one into reality. See, it has just been announced that at the upcoming GC Developers Conference, famed game developer Tim Schafer will be making the keynote.

He will be speaking on "the challenges and methods of interjecting creativity into modern game design." I can’t think of a better person on the planet to give this speech than the creator of Psychonauts. However, that speech probably isn’t the aspect of his appearance that will capture the attention of gamers.

t’s been two years since the release of Schafer’s last game, Psychonauts, and the burning question on everyone’s mind is, "what has he been working on?"

In past years industry event keynotes have been a popular venue for developers to announce their big new thing. It’s not entirely unlike a big name movie star making an appearance on The Tonight Show to drum up some publicity for a new movie.

It would not be entirely surprising if Schafer took this opportunity to unveil a new project.


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