Quake Live to be a 'freemium' game

Quake LiveToday, during the Game Developer’s Conference, iD Software announced that their new partnership with IGA Worldwide is what will spawn the new, free Quake Live game.

Formerly known as Quake Zero, Quake Live will be the next iteration in the Quake series as a re-creation of Quake 3 with new online competitive features inside a free, downloadable client.

"IGA understands game developers and game players which makes them the perfect partner for Quake Live. Whether it’s been the ease of implementing their SDK or just their excitement about QUAKE LIVE, they have been fantastic to work with," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software. "As we work to bring QUAKE-style deathmatch excitement to the masses, IGA has fully supported our vision."

"Quake Live’s expected features include a matchmaking service, statistical tracking, sponsored tournaments and lots of community interaction. Longtime community made features such as GTV and competitive mods OSP and CPMA have not yet been discussed, but are as well expected to be included."

"id Software is among the proverbial godfathers of modern gaming and we are thrilled to be working with them on their first title in our ‘freemium’ category," said Justin Townsend, CEO of IGA Worldwide. "This partnership is only the latest testament to the increasing acceptance of in-game as an effective, measurable advertising medium and a strategic revenue opportunity for publishers and developers.

In an interview with Gameriot during QuakeCon 2007, Id Software Executive Producer Marty Stratton stated that "Quake Live is a beta test in deploying different systems, spectating ability, matchmaking, doing different tournaments, collecting data, all that stuff that goes into the game. On a high level, [the next Quake Arena game will] be very much like Quake 3 Arena in that it’s fast paced, primarily a dueling game but will have team aspects to it. High action, high energy, likely built on id Tech 5, and stylistically from just about every aspect including user interfaces, scoreboards and stats, we will be thinking of the game in terms of a sport. That means different things to a lot of different people but that’s the core of what we want."

If you would like to sign up for the Quake Live beta then you can visit the website here, and get a chance to test this new highly anticipated game in the Quake series.

[via gameriot]


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