QuakeCon '07: id Software's press conference detailed

quakecon, john carmackid Software just held their annual press conference during QuakeCon and, to say the least, they dropped quite a few bombshells. So here it is in a nice little re-cap package.

1. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – October 2nd release date.
2. A new Wolfenstein game is in-development; Raven Software is developing with Threewave Software doing multiplayer. Carmack said this Wolfenstein game will be different from previous ones.
3. A Wolfenstein movie is in the works
4. Every single id Software game is heading to Steam (heck, all the way back to Commander Keen!). QuakeCon attendees can pick up every single game for $59.95 but prices for non-attendees will be at $62.95, then $69.95. Individual prices include, Doom 3 ($19.95) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein ($17.95/$19.95)
5. Quake Arena Arcade is heading to Xbox 360. Pi Studios and id are developing. Release date unknown.
6. A second team was created at id to work on a Quake 3 Arena-type game built with the id Tech 5 technology. Custom avatars are being planned. id is also thinking of porting the game to the Nintendo DS.
7. id showcased their new technology that was shown during Apple’s press conference. Looks like it’s going to be a full-blown engine along with a game. Hollenshead said, "id Tech 5 will run equally well on any platform, not in any company’s pocket." Tech 5 will be open source.
8. For a while, id has been developing a racing game called Rage (which is the trailer we saw at Apple). Its focus will be on freedom, outdoor environments, insane visuals and NPC details. Hinted a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 release in the future. Rage will have co-op play.
9. id’s mobile games have been selling well. Orcs & Elves 2 for mobile will be out at the end of this year. Orcs & Elves heading to the DS this year.
10. A totally free version of Quake 3 Arena will be released. It will be played directly in a web browser and will sport spiffier visuals. It’s called Quake Zero. It’s headed to PC and Mac.
11. John Carmack belives that Quake Wars will set the bar for outdoor environment online shooters.
12. Developing on the PS3 has been harder than all the other consoles. id had to hire some developers solely for the PS3 to ensure full capabilities. Heck, the current tech with Quake Wars is behind the PS3 and has been easier to develop for the 360 and PC.

[Via Shacknews]


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