Quantum Theory is now cross-platform

Quantum Theory

Regaled as the PS3’s answer to the gigantic Gears of War franchise, Team Tachyon’s upcoming Quantum Theory would supply the action and breathtaking scenery of GoW as an exclusive title for PS3 gamers. No longer — Tecmo, the game’s publisher, has announced that Quantum will be heading for the Xbox 360 as well.

The news may not cause such a stir as Quantum is barely a blip on the radar in terms of tracking popularity. Instead, Tecmo’s decision ultimately becomes yet another nail in the coffin for console exclusivity and game integrity; publishers performing an about-face from their previous statements is nothing new, but the results may be pretty dire in the long run.

Quantum Theory is a third-person action game that features a scenery motif similar to GoW‘s decor, along with conveniently placed chunks of cover that litter each stage. A caveat to the classic cover system is the Living Tower, which can place and remove cover at will during battle.



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