Reconstruction is Red vs Blue evolved!

r v b This message is for fans of the popular web series Red vs Blue. You will be happy to know that yesterday’s episode one, of their new series, went live. Called Red vs Blue: Reconstruction, it isn’t much more than a regurgitation of information setting up this series proper.

From what we learned it seems to tie in to the original Red vs Blue series and the offshoot miniseries, staring Tex, from a few months ago. If you are completely confused by what I’m saying then you need to catch up. You can buy RvB DVD’s or (the poor mans way) watch entire seasons in giant clips on Google video. While I recommend supporting the cause and paying for what you watch, you should also remember that no one will know if just did a search in Google.

I am a relatively new RvB fan coming to the party during the final season of original show. I’m really excited to watching this new one as it comes out every Monday. Suck it Blue!

[via Rooster Teeth]


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