Red Faction movie invades SyFy March 2011

red faction origins

In case you weren’t getting enough Martian destruction in your diet, SyFy is preparing a feature length, live-action Red Faction movie to satisfy. But you’ll have to wait. Until March 2011.

Didn’t know that was even in the works? An announcement back in April revealed Red Faction:Origins, a two-hour straight-to-TV movie featuring screenplay by Andrew Kreisberg (Warehouse 13, among others) and a story by Paul DeMeo (Flash, Viper, and other intensely named flicks). A couple of quotes from various execs at SyFy and THQ confirm that this is, as you might imagine, a great marketing piece and an attempt to create further "immersion" and "broadening" for the audience. You know, "transmedia collaboration" and the like.

The film (can you call a SyFy movie a film?) follows Alec Mason’s son, Jake, as he fights against another oppressive human force to save the Red Faction. There’s some intrigue involving his sister, but the rest remains a mystery.  Apparently, if the movie does well enough, it could turn into a full-fledged series, and provide a true missing link between Guerrilla and Armageddon.

Look forward to more news as the release date closes in, and abounding possibilities for other movie opportunities between THQ and SyFy (Please, no more de Blob).




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