Registration for Global Gears Tourney Begins

There’s nothing quite like curb stomping or chainsawing an opponent in Gears of War. The game has been a huge hit since its release last November, and now gamers are being given the opportunity to compete in a global tournament over Xbox Live. Registration for the tourney begins today and will continue until April 29, with official play running from April 9 through May 6.

Gears players will have four weeks to play ranked games and climb the leaderboards, with the top 11 finalists in the world being flown out to Prague for the Grand Final in July. More details about the prizes and tourney can be found here and information such as eligibility requirements and official rules can be found here.

Tournaments and prizes are great, but hopefully Microsoft will be closely watching the leaderboards for cheaters. Still, CliffyB is excited. "We are thrilled to offer the chance for gamers across the world to come together and share the glories of blowing apart someone into little chunks.

"May the best man, or Locust, win."


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