Remember us — victims of the Red Rings of Death

Red RingsIf you own an Xbox 360, the day that you see the Red Rings of Death floats over your head like a black cloud. If you haven’t seen it, you know that day will come and the fear grips your heart with it’s icy cold fingers. If you have… well… my condolences. God willing you haven’t. It’s a dreaded sight, that I pray none of you reading this have experienced.

If you’re like me, when you saw the Red Rings of Death, small tears swelled in the corner of your eyes as a small piece of your soul evaporated into the air. You then shut off your Xbox 360, said a prayer, threw up in your mouth a little, turned it back on and, by God’s grace, all was well in the world. You saw those beautiful little green rings again, ripped your clothes to shreds and streaked as long and far as possible, only to be arrested for indecent exposure… or as I like to call it: arrested for being awesome.


You were like Frank, and took a morbid fascination with it. You took a stick and poked at the dead animal until reality set in; it was gone, your love is dead. Poor Frank, there was nothing he could do. No hope or miracle revival. Only a heartbreaking phone call telling him he’ll lose the love of his life (sorry Frank’s family…) for at least 3-4 weeks. Bastards! And like him you cursed the ground you stood on, and shook your fist in a general northward direction to spite Odin, the one-eyed Viking god of poetry. Because everyone knows Odin lives to the north, and nothing pisses him off more than a fist shaking at him.

Luckily, Casuallyhardcore came up with a T-shirt so you can immortalize your experience and make it your own.

If you’re like me you will wear the T-shirt proud as a reminder that you are a survivor! Somehow you willed your 360 back to life, and you hold power over death!!!!!!!! Well… kind of… or that you lucked out.


You will wear the T-shirt with your head hung low, as a reminder of that month without your Xbox 360, also renamed as the Dark Ages II: With a Vengeance. (Unless you’re Brendon, who gets a repaired or new 360 within a business week in exchange for our unending hatred.)

So when you pass that man wearing this shirt, lend him a comforting hug. And let him know he’s not alone in this world.


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