Research Firm Reveals What We Already Knew About the DS

A market research firm has determined what many in the Nintendo community have suspected (read: known) for quite some time about the popularity of the DS–it’s the games. David Cole of DFC Intelligence, a market research and analysis firm centering on video games and interactive entertainment, made this very point in a recent report released by the company on its official website.

Apart from the obvious reasoning that the DS is attractive because of its gaming portability, the study cited Nintendo’s high priority in providing solid game content for its machine as a prime factor for its success–a success that has even overshadowed the furor over the latest batch of game consoles.

Cole stated, "The DS is driving the mobile game space even as other devices continue to become more sophisticated in their game play capabilities. The DS is even taking much of the steam away from the new console systems. Recently much of the attention has been on the Nintendo Wii, but in terms of numbers and impact it is the DS that is creating the biggest revolution… In many ways it is not surprising that it takes a company with a singular focus on games to really drive the mobile space."

Cole also pointed to Nintendo’s great success with reaching new gamers. "With the DS, it seems Nintendo has finally been the one to get a good handle on the ‘casual game market.’ Casual games are a bit of a trendy misnomer. They usually refer to games that are simple to pick-up and play but can be very competitive and addictive. …The core Nintendo products remain a key focus for the DS, but the company has diversified its line-up, and thus audience, with games that appeal to a wide variety of users."

Nintendo has resisted the trend of trying to "out tech" its competitors, as has been demonstrated with its DS and Wii. But instead, Nintendo has focused upon the basics of what all gamers want–an entertaining and fun experience.

For gamers, it isn’t always about having the most powerful system–ultimately, it’s about the strength of the system’s game library that truly matters.


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