Resident Evil 4 Wii Control Details

GamerNode only touched on the control scheme for the Resident Evil 4 Wii remake when we ran that story last week. Now, a full control diagram for the game has surfaced, and everything is much more clear.

The game will use both the Wii remote and the nunchuk attachment, and will feature special Wii-specific controls, as well as traditional alternatives. The infrared sensor will of course be used for aiming, and firing will be much the same as in previous versions. Holding the B trigger puts Leon in an aiming stance, and pressing the A button fires. While aiming, a reload is accomplished either by tapping the D-pad or by shaking the remote.

The C button readies Leon’s knife, which is swung with the A button, or by slashing with the remote. Also included in this version of the game is the "search knife." When a player swings the remote without holding the B or C buttons, Leon will whip out his blade and automatically attack the nearest enemy. As for the Z button, it is used to run and perform a 180 turn.

The non-action commands are relegated to the less accessible buttons on the remote. Opening the status, map and options screens are mapped to the -, 1 and 2 buttons, respectively. Ordering Ashley is done with the + button.

The last notable update is in the interactive cutscenes, where the Wiimote appear to play a big role. In one, Leon’s rapid knife slashes are gesticulated by Wiimote wielding gamers, and in others, a quick flick to the side will save Leon’s life.

All in all, this already top-notch title appears to play out in a very engrossing and enjoyable way on the Wii. I can’t wait to give it a try.


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