Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition content originally planned for regular version

Resident Evil 5

Following an established tradition of franchise prolongment, Capcom announced the reveal of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition at the Tokyo Game Show in September. The augmented version of the survival-horror would take advantage of the PS3’s motion control technology, along with adding two new scenarios.

What’s that, Lassie? The new content isn’t really new? And it was supposed to be in the regular version? Capcom is up to their zany tricks again? Such a good dog!

Assistant Producer Mie Suzuki spilled the beans during a recent interview with Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation. Branding plot pacing problems as the culprit for yanking the two scenarios (Desperate Escape & Lost in Nightmares) from the original RE5, Suzuki feels confident that players are now capable of exploring more of RE5‘s lore after playing through the original scenarios.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Capcom.

Resident Evil 5: Gold will be released in February 2010 for North America and March 2010 for Europe.



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