Retail Reaction to Violent Video Game Bill

By Mike Grzan, GN Writing/Public Relations Director Tuesday, October 11, 2005 The President of the IEMA, has sent out a press release stating his reaction to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signing of a bill that prohibits anyone under 18 to purchase or rent video games that are deemed by the ESRB as violent. “We were disappointed that Governor Schwarzenegger signed A.B. 1179 into law. Given his tireless speeches about taking the politics out of lawmaking and prohibiting government waste of valuable taxpayer dollars, this decision seems counter to that message. It is clear that this course will lead only to this law, like all previous efforts to alter the First Amendment regarding violent video games, being overturned – yielding no significant change and squandering much-needed resources. IEMA retailers are already voluntarily committed to inhibiting the sale of Mature-rated games, not unlike the successful self-regulatory efforts of the motion picture business. We would have hoped that legislators would work proactively with the industry to help educate parents about the ratings system, and are disheartened to learn that this politicization of the issue is instead becoming an opportunistic trend. We remain supportive of the ESRB and stand ready to aid the ESA in their lawsuits, as we have done in the past.” -Hal Halpin, president, IEMA Source: Press Release


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