Rock Band beats Guitar Hero? Activision thinks not.

Guitar HeroGuitar Hero has been absolutely dominating the rhythm game market for quite a while now. However, now that a challenger has arisen from the mob, it seems Guitar Hero publisher Activision is a little touchy about the competition.

On the flip side of things, EA is running their mouth like nobody’s business. A bit over the top with their words if you ask me, especially when Guitar Hero is such a household name.

EA explains their confidence:

"In EA Sports [for example], when you go up against competition, it just brings the best out in an organization, so when we go Guitar Hero versus Rock Band, we like our chances in terms of the people that we’re working with, Harmonix and MTV.

These are world class organizations, and then you combine that with the fact that we think we have very unique product positioning in that it’s a rock band. You’ve got singers, guitars and drums."

So when you think about that rock and roll fantasy, some guys fantasize about being drummers, some girls fantasize about being the singer, and now you can have it all; and from a party standpoint, the fact that you can have a band playing in dorm rooms, garages or families playing together, that’s where we like our chances…"

"…we’ll compete, obviously, on who’s got the better tracks and who’s got the better music and who’s first to market and who had the brand and who actually built the thing. That’ll all come out in this Fall, and the market will help decide."

Activision responds:

"If you take a step back and look at what the game has done, it’s not unlike what GTA did for free-roaming games, or Mario for platformers, or Tony Hawk for skateboarding. It’s created a genre in itself, and there’s a lot of power with the mass market consumers and enthusiasts that a brand has in their mind, and that Guitar Hero has established.

In a way it’s really up to EA to change that with Rock Band. I think some of the early signs we’ve seen might make [Rock Band] a little more complex than some of the things that make Guitar Hero so great, which is its accessibility and ease of play for everyone."

It’s got something for enthusiast gamers in terms of its complexity, but it’s really built on ‘easy-to-use, difficult to master.’ And that ease of use is so, so important for mainstream audiences."

We’ve done that successfully so far and we think Guitar Hero III builds on that even more with adding online, adding co-op, adding boss battles and things that make this franchise so much fun. In a way, I feel like it’s [EA’s] challenge to come in and make some inroads against this franchise that’s become such a pop culture phenomenon."

If you go beyond the game industry to just really mass market consumers, people haven’t heard about Rock Band yet and the fact that it’s only on next-generation platforms is going to be a little bit limiting. I mean, the origins of this franchise are on the PS2, and this year we’re finally taking it across all platforms."



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