Rock Band only sold in bundles till 2008

rockbandgirlRock Band will only be available in one retail flavor come November: controller bundle. So if you can’t wait to experience Rock Band, you’ll have to shell out $169.99 USD. If you want to save money, you’ll have to wait till next year rolls around when you can buy the band instruments seperately.

But before you throw your hands up in an over-the-top fashion, think about it from an economical point of view; since all the different components (guitar, drums and microphone) will cost more as individual items, the bundle will save you bucks in the long run.

In related news, the PS2 version of Rock Band won’t feature any downloadable content, in fact, it won’t feature an online component at all. When asked about it, Harmonix responded with, "Rock Band is built as a next generation title with a focus on downloadable content and online multiplayer, the PS2 just isn’t built for those ideas." Will we see an expansion pack in the future?

Also, Rock Band will ship with "more than 40 but less than 50 tracks on the retail disc," but note that this doesn’t include unlockable tracks. Also note that Harmonix is planning to release DLC every week for Rock Band till the end of 2007. Sounds like there will be plenty of material for you music lovers!

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