Rogue Warrior Preview

Rogue Warrior

Rogue Warrior is a character-driven first-person shooter that puts the player in the role of Dick Marcinko, a real-life Navy SEAL and American badass who is on a one-man mission to nail him some commies. Voiced by Mickey Rourke, players will take Marcinko on eight missions through the bowels of Soviet Russia and North Korea during the 80s when the world was still gripped in fear from the Cold War.

While a majority of the game will play out in first person, Rogue Warrior‘s unnerving brutality comes out when the game snaps into a third-person view for violent and vicious one-hit kills. With more than 25 unique kill moves that depend on the angle of approach to the enemy, players likely won’t get tired of getting up close and personal. Rogue Warrior will also pull back for a full view of Marcinko when players enter cover behind an object, similar to Rainbow Six: Vegas or Quantum of Solace. From here they can blind-fire or simply aim and take out their targets from a safe location.

Marcinko himself provided feedback and input on the animations and takedowns, as well as the tactics, weapons and dialog used in the game to help achieve the gruesome realism that developer Rebellion wishes to provide and to distinguish their game from others on the market.

The game will feature an advanced AI system that allows enemies to react and fight realistically. So whether or not players decide to go into a mission stealthily or balls-out shooting everything, there won’t be any scripted enemy interactions — they should react dynamically and realistically by investigating things they hear and see, and fight as a team to stop you. That’s why it’s a good thing that there are a variety of real weapons at your disposal to kill with, including light machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, silenced and un-silenced sub machine guns and pistols, and of course, a trusty knife.

Players can take the fight online too, and perform one-hit takedowns with other people in up to 16-player matches that span six maps. Standard multiplayer modes like deathmatch and team deathmatch will make an appearance, but no info yet on what, if any, other modes will be included.

Look for Rogue Warrior to be released sometime this fall.


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