Rumor: Battlefield 3 Revealed?

BF3 PixAccording to DigitalBattle, they’ve gotten their hands on an investors’ PDF that outlines preliminary details of Battlefield 3. As of this writing, EA and DICE haven’t confirmed nor denied the existence of the game, so as of now, I’ll still label this as a rumor.

Notable details include a late 2008 release date, a continuation of the modern-day setting, 8 initial maps, 2 playable factions (NATO and MEC), 5 initial classes, 48 initial vehicles, 34 initial weapons, a public beta in summer 2008 and the game’s official announcement in January 2008.

Other little nuggets of information include a specific mention of a map called Baghdad Burning, which appears to be a massive urban map, much like Battlefield 2’s Strike at Karkand.

Also mentioned in the document was the use of the Frostbite DX engine, which is the same engine being used in Battlefield: Bad Company for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Could the DX refer to DX10?

I wouldn’t be surprised if EA is pursuing another Battlefield game, especially since the series has been alive for awhile and a console version is on the way too.


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