Rumor: Zombie DLC coming to GTA IV?

It seems like every other game is doing some zombie-related event for Halloween. That’s not too surprising, because zombie events and scenarios are awesome. What is surprising is the possible addition of GTA IV to the list of zombie-sprouting games.

In a new Eugenics Inc. ad on RockStar Social Club, the in-game location (which, last time I played, didn’t have any actual role in the game) the company has issued a quarantine locking down the company compound due to the outbreak of a disease.

The ad reads:



No one shall enter or leave this premises without the proper documentation issued by Eugenics Inc. No person except an authorized agent or employee of Eugenics Inc. shall alter, destroy or remove this sign. Anyone violating these regulations will be arrested and prosecuted by federal authorities

By order of Liberty City Police Department / Eugenics Inc."

Some GTA fans on message boards have made the jump that these new quarantine ads point towards some zombies coming soon to a GTA IV near you. When you consider there are also movie posters with "Zombie Resurrection soon," the multiplayer zombie skin, and the zombie lab in San Andreas, things become a little more intriguing.

All I know is that if GTA IV sees some zombie action next week, I may have to start playing it again. 


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