SCEA dev offers reassurance to God of War fans

God of War III

The plethora of action-adventure games that are under development speaks clearly of everyone wanting a piece of the Kratos pie, with games such as Bayonetta and Dante’s Inferno eschewing singularity for juicier graphics yet similar gameplay. In response, SCEA Lead Animator Bruno Velazquez reminds God of War fans that they have nothing to worry about.

With established publications such as EDGE Magazine handing out clean-sweep scores to the competition — even going so far as to illustrate Bayonetta‘s 10/10 "slapping Dante, Kratos and every other hero back to the drawing board" — the upcoming God of War III looks hard-pressed to deliver any sort of incentive for gamers to return to ancient Greece.

In a recent entry on his blog, Velazquez was quick to curtail any doubts that God of War III will meet expectations.

"Let me go ahead and make one thing clear: we have not forgotten about the GOW fans. The last few months the entire team has been putting many late hours working very hard in polishing the game to make it the best possible. The reason why we do this is because we are passionate about making a great game for all you guys out there that are patiently waiting for GOW3.


"I understand that next year we will have lots of competition with games like Bayonetta, Darksiders, Dante’s Inferno, and Castlevania but we all we can do is worry about making our game good and making it a fitting end to the trilogy…

"I will leave you guys with the fact that currently that the game is fully playable from beginning to end and we have had various playtests already with people from the outside. We have already gotten tons of feedback. Every boss battle and every enemy is in the game. We are just focusing on polishing and making adjustments and changes to places that are needed in the game. I want to assure you guys that the game is on track and we cannot wait to get it in your hands next March."



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