Sega and Obsidian announce Alpha Protocol

SEGASega and Obsidian Entertainment have joined forces to bring the world (well, America and Europe, officially) a new RPG next year.

Titled Alpha Protocol, the game will be an espionage-based RPG set in the modern world. "SEGA is very excited to be introducing a new type of gaming experience to next-gen consumers," stated Sean Ratcliffe, VP of marketing for Sega of America. Alpha Protocol will detail the story of Michael Thorton, a talented young agent cast out by his government. (Agent of what? Government of where? We’ll find out later!)

Unfortunately for his nation (and I assume others in the world), Thorton is the only one with knowledge of an impending international catastrophe, and how to stop it. To do so he’s forced to go rogue, and attempt to save the people he swore to protect while they (I assume) try to bring a rogue agent down.

"Alpha Protocol blends our knack for intricate story, engrossing characters, and significant character advancement with fast-paced modern combat," said Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian. "It embraces everything we enjoy about making RPGs from a fresh perspective. We are confident our talented staff at Obsidian will enable us to deliver this exciting RPG experience."

Fans of RPG games will likely trust Feargus’ claims; Obsidian did bring us awesome games such as Knights of the Old Republic II and Neverwinter Nights, after all. To make you even more interested in the game, this is the same "secret project" that Obsidian revealed it was working on as far back as March 2006.

Alpha Protocol will hit stores in Spring of 2009 for the 360, PS3, and PC. In the meantime, try to decide if you’d rather play like James Bond, Jack Bauer, or Jason Bourne, and feel free to speculate further on the official Alpha Protocol site/forum.


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