SEGA: PS3 Will Succeed

SEGA marketing veep Scott Steinberg offered words of optimism regarding Sony,s PS3 machine. In comments made to Game Daily, Steinberg said that while the PS3,s price may be expensive, he thought that the value of the machine outweighed the negatives, "I think it’s an expensive device, but it’s a very powerful device. Their job is to convince the world that Blu-ray has a high utility and delivers on a promise, a value promise, and I’m sure they’ll sell out."

He was confident that sales, especially in Japan and North America, would be good. "Definitely, the [price] is a concern, but globally the brand is so strong that when you think about the marketplace in Japan, North America and Europe, Sony has been the clear winner. So there’s a lot of marketing momentum and sales momentum that they’re going to absolutely carry into the PS3."

Steinberg also pointed to the PS3,s high tech and next gen DVD player as a draw for prospective buyers by saying, "So, effectively you’ve got thousands of dollars worth of arcade tech in a machine that’s 500 bucks, 600 bucks. So there’s a lot of value in that machine… [The PS3] is going to be successful,”

While the praise for the PS3 machine was high from Steinberg, he also reflected again on the price of the PS3, and what Sony needed to do to truly make it a success by suggesting that Sony drop its price to reach a wider audience. He said, "They’re going to have to lifecycle price the hardware in a way that brings it to the masses, I would think relatively soon, because it is expensive. For a lot of families [the launch prices are] too expensive… [Sony] will have a job to do and selling and marketing it not only to gamers… They’ve also got to play with the Blu-Ray platform in the consumer electronics market as well. So they’ve really got to do two things with their tech to get this platform to be successful."


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