Self-taught coder finishes DS game after 5 years

bobs gameWhen Robert Pelloni was just a little boy, he had a dream; he wanted to make his own video game.

When he was twenty, he set his sights on the Gameboy Advance. But as time went on, Nintendo unveiled a new handheld, the DS. Robert took it all in stride and changed course to learn how to program for the DS.

Now, five years later, at the ripe old age of 25, he has accomplished what he set out to do.

The title is simply called, Bob’s Game. The DS title is a 2D adventure game. It has 20 hours of gameplay, over 200 hand-drawn characters, weather effects that change with real time, dialogue, and originally composed music.

Pelloni programmed the game, wrote the script, did the artwork, produced the music, and learned all the skills necessary to do it all on his own. If Pelloni can finish a game all by himself in five years, what’s the excuse for the 10-year delay of Duke Nukem Forever? Eh?

He feels that the opprotunity for individuals to make their own games is slowly slipping away.

"The game industry is evolving rapidly into a new era where titles are made by teams of more than a hundred developers. I saw a window of opportunity quickly closing- what may be the last chance for making a console game to be possible by a single individual.

"All concepts, story, code, sprites, tiles, music, samples, fonts, etc. were created entirely from scratch by me- and I had to teach myself the skills as I went along, said Pelloni.

He is currently talking with a few publishers about his game, and we wish him all the best.

For a look at what his game looks like, check out the videos below.

[via bobsgame]




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